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Shenzhen ankang, to science and technology co., LTD., affiliated to the Hong Kong ankang to group co., LTD,The company condensed elite team dedicated to the children,The development of maternal and child nutrition series products,Sales。The company unique formula,Is not conducive to human health of raw materials and additives we don't add,Quality is the lifeline of products,Ankang to:Focus on quality,Provide professionalOEM(OEM)Custom services,And withOEMCustomer maintain long-term sincere cooperation relationship。 The products of the company:High-grade material.GMPThe factory production.Good quality.Taste better.The good faith is supreme.Superior service.Would like to...[To learn more]

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China merchants hotline

Hong Kong ankang to group co., LTD

China merchants hotline(OEM):

13418627889 13480603148

Hong Kong company address:

Road, mongkok, Hong Kong KaiTu development building704Room

Mainland company address:

Shenzhen city new city hongfa jia domain garden light3...

Hong Kong brand product display

  • Kiss good solid beverage

    Kiss good solid beverage

  • Hydrophilic groups1Type

    Hydrophilic groups1Type

  • Hydrophilic groups2Type

    Hydrophilic groups2Type

  • Hydrophilic groups3Type

    Hydrophilic groups3Type

  • Evergreen Mabel

    Evergreen Mabel

  • Normally on the treasure

    Normally on the treasure

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