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Ever since1989Since its inception,We have been committed to the organic silicon material development、Production and sales,As the core strategy。After 20 years of development,We have seven production base in China,Located in Inner Mongolia、Hubei、Shandong、Sichuan province、Guangdong、Jiangxi and zhejiang,We are all production base in the implementation of integrated management,To ensure that all production base in the same high level of quality、Safety and environmental standards。

We use silicon metal as starting raw material,The establishment of a complete organic silicon industry chain,Make full use of the byproducts in the process of production as the raw material of organic silicon downstream products,Minimize the energy and resource consumption。Our core products include organic silane、Silicone oil and its derived polymer、The emulsion、Silicone rubber, fumed silica, etc。Bo silicone sith widely services in rubber、Plastics、The paint、Coatings、Printing ink、Adhesive、Sealant、Wire and cable、The glass fiber、Artificial marble、Printing and dyeing auxiliaries、Casting and pharmaceutical industries。

Sith bo silicone with its excellent quality and professional dedicated service,To win the world more than one thousand customers trust and support,Become the industry inseparable partners,Products80%More than exports,Are exported to more than one hundred countries all over the world。

 Why choose organic silicon sith?
Sith bo organic silicon has twenty years of organic silicon products production experience,And up to one hundred thousand tons of production capacity。
Sith organic silicon by the customers and the market as the center,Flexible adjustment of the production line,Can provide customers from kg to thousand tons of products。
Sith bo silicone can be fast and efficient professional arrange new product development and implementation of the production。
Bo silicone sith in guarantee under the premise of high quality and safety,Provide customers with accurate solution。