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Jinan ling yue precision instruments co., LTD. Since its establishment,Based on research and technology in shandong university,Testing machine from shimadzu for reference、The strong testing machine, MTSTesting machine,GermanySINCOTECManufacturing of advanced technology,Has been committed to the development of mechanics test instrument development。Has a strong design and processing capacity and obtained the relevant certificates issued by the supervision department,Is the backbone of the national mechanical testing machine production enterprises。 Jinan ling yue precision instruments co., LTD. The main products are electronic tensile testing machine、Microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine、The hydraulic universal testing machine、Torsion testing machine、The torque tester、Pressure testing machine、The fatigue life test rig、Impact testing machine、Such as more than ten series of testing instruments,Products sold throughout the country30Provinces and autonomous regions,And exported to southeast Asia、South America、Russia and other countries and regions。

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