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  Guangzhou has been HaoPu swimming pool equipment co., LTDDesjoyaux(Di springs)Faithful agents and service providers in China,Adhering to the professional spirit of the builders,Provide private pool villa design service for the customer,The use of high-end villa swimming pool equipment safeguard user experience,HaoPu build each a classic pool in joy for the customer at the same time also can make oneself feel very happy and proud。

  HaoPu swimming pool built based on two of the swimming pool design does not provide craftsmanship:Reinforced concrete casting, permanent activity coaming and no pipe filtration system。This is also whyDesjoyaux(Di springs)The swimming pool in a short period of time all over the world。Every year,Over five continents around the world14000ADesjoyauxThe swimming pool to come out。This is also choose guangzhou HaoPu swimming pool equipment co., LTDDesjoyaux(Di springs)High quality swimming pool products agent services,Swimming pool built in guangzhou、Guangzhou pool design and guangzhou swimming pool equipment products,HaoPu attentively to builders and industrial processes,And the pursuit of on the details of the swimming pool。

Swimming pool equipment productsProduct display

  • Private garden villa swimming pool design

    Private garden villa swimming pool design

    The in-situ one-time casting molding,Villa swimming pool design is strong and durable,The characteristics of the leak proof corrosion。Reinforced concrete slab,And install to strengthenpvcWaterproof membrane fixed to the bottom and the wall。

  • Public swimming pool built in guangzhou

    Public swimming pool built in guangzhou

    Guangzhou pool built top technology,The construction of a mature team for you to create safe and comfortable public swimming pool。 Has a lot of large standard swimming pool and water park pool construction experience。

  • Indoor swimming pool built villa

    Indoor swimming pool built villa

    No matter hot summer,Still cold weather,Can enjoy luxurious pool party。HaoPu indoor swimming pool built to protect your privacy。

  • Special design of villa swimming pool

    Special design of villa swimming pool

    HaoPu special pool villa design with various style shapes for your choice。A conventional circular and rectangular,There are special shapes,Like a butterfly,Heart shape,LType, etc。

  • Equipment under the poolEquipment under the pool

    Under the equipment is one of the top products in guangzhou swimming pool equipment,Enhance competitive swimming,Provide more exciting experience of swimming。Under water filter with the equipment highly adapted,To reduce the complexity of the installation。

  • Disinfection of swimming pool chlorine tabletsDisinfection of swimming pool chlorine tablets

    Swimming pool chlorine tablets is a kind of swimming pool disinfectant,Main ingredients for the chemical cyanuric acid,Chlorine content50%。Dissolve quickly,In general10Minutes to dissolve。

  • Swimming pool membrane cover equipmentSwimming pool membrane cover equipment

    Swimming pool membrane cover equipment belongs to one of the high-end villa swimming pool equipment,Divided into water automatic film cover with underwater automatic film cover and protective film cover three classic。

  • Villa swimming pool equipment seriesVilla swimming pool equipment series

    We offer a variety of villa swimming pool equipment,Including the garden decoration、The swimming pool、Game of leisure equipment and so on,HaoPu can provide customers with the garden decoration、The pool all services such as entertainment。

    Di spring brand is introduced
    The pool renovation services

    The swimming poolyongchifanxin

    A refurbished guidance—NO.1 The pool is leaking
    Without having to change the existing pool shape,Just get rid of the surface of the old and the strengthening of our replacementPVCWaterproof film。
    A refurbished guidance—NO.2 The filtering equipment needs to be replaced
    No need to plug holes,Also do not need to remove all parts from scratch。A little pool facilities,To ensure the leakproof effects。
    A refurbished guidance—NO.3 Upgrade your swimming pool
    You want to decorate or upgrade the pool?Simple method can achieve amazing results!

    Swimming pool design services

    Villa swimming pool design servicesyongchisheji

    With more than a decade of swimming pool experience,With advanced technology,We provide professional swimming pool of villa design service for you。
    Swimming pool design is not a simple thing,Designers should not only have a swimming pool construction operation management experience,Also will build a garden design experience; To have a swimming pool equipment knowledge of the system operation,With a romantic poet's feelings。
    The designer should consider many factors:Terrain environment、Orientation、The garden shape size、The age of owner experience learning routine habit、The total budget amount,And so on。
    Can be a simple rectangular,Can also be a Chinese wind;May be a flat as a mirror,Can also be a bubbling streams;It is sunny,Can also be a indoor illicit is close;Can be a long and narrow in the single lane,Can also be wide of the atmosphere。

    Swimming pool construction process

    Villa swimming pool construction processyongchijianzao

    Choose HaoPu villa swimming pool construction,Preferred designer will according to the actual situation of the customer to do a good job of villa swimming pool design,And communicate with the property。
    After the communication,Start by HaoPu professional construction team。
    After the on-the-spot investigation,We started work in the pool dig。
    Start the wall components installed,To do a good job of flat at the bottom of the pool。In the process need to laying the work ahead of time。
    After finishing the masonry,Laying vinyl liner,Will be in place from time to time fix vinyl liner in the pool,To prevent slippage。
    Swimming pool built walls can be made by giant fabrication by all sorts of material combination together,There are many villa swimming pool building material for customers to choose from。

    Villa swimming pool design

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