Kaiping China sanitary ware co., LTD,Located in the pearl river delta, guangdong province, China,Is known as“China plumbing kingdom of wei yu”Shuikou town,Is a company specializing in the production of high、Mid-range sanitary ware products company。

The company was founded1990Years,In2000Years to upgrade in kaiping sanitary ware co., LTD,Has a modern plant,Excellent production equipment at home and abroad,High-quality management personnel and technical elite。Ben

Product recommendations RECOMMENDATION
  • CAG601Used by a dragon
  • CAG600Used by leader
  • CAG50035The kitchen faucet
  • C-18ADelay urination and the valve
  • A-12Dark pedal time-delay valve installed
  • D-51Delay water nozzle

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Guangdong kaiping shuikou town plumber

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